We are the vitamins of society!
a network of human life-forms, which produce worthful enzymes for the global social body. We consider war to be one of the great diseases of our mother earth and we’re developing T-cells to stop the sensless killing inbetween human creatures and the structural violence which enforces a huge population to live in starvation whilst a few live in a concrete stadium of overflow. We help building moleculs in the conglomeration of about of complex human cells which have the control over the planet earth. This planet seems to be the only existable sphere for complex life in a space of thousands of lightyears. We produce and provide nutrion for the global consciousness. We do so via organising virtual and real global art gatherings to exchange the knowledge of peaceful human interaction. We form all kind of shows, from the visual show of a stroke on a sheet to the total show of a human hive in a sports stadium or in a forrest or in a desert or in a…
This shows don’t enforce their viewers to follow a lead, but to bring you to states of excitement and encourage you to build your own opinion, based on the facts of your recognition in exchange with the rest of the earth.
We do this in a close cooperation with all other non-human live forms on the planet earth.
We consider the plants, the animals, the mushrooms and even the bacterias to be equally respected partners in finding solutions in processes of global matter and we stay in contact with them.
The abbrevation VOS is latin and means: for you

2 Antworten zu Manifesto

  1. S. sagt:

    Dear Vitamincrew,
    sounds interesting, congratulation to your work. Especially the global consciousness is neglected. It seems to be a refugee. The inorganic world has taken over. Thousands of years of culture we can see the flow of time drifting along. For the sake of the environment, we activate the power of coal. In electric cars, we are heading towards the blackout. So, I wish you all good luck and I want to come to your performance.

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